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Tulsa Food Guy
Tulsa Food Guy conceived Tulsa’s Home For Manly Food in October, 2009 at a greasy little burger joint (known only by locals at the time) called Bill’s Jumbo Burgers. Five months later, TulsaFoodGuy.com was born, giving the people what they needed… a website dedicated to all food that is Manly. TFG has made it his mission since he moved to the Tulsa area in late 2007 to seek out the finest eating establishments around. BBQ, Fried Chicken, Steak, Sausages, Pizza and so on… If it’s greasy, meaty, saucy or spicy, TFG will eat it. While Tulsa Food Guy cannot guarantee that every experience at every restaurant that gets “TFG’s Seal of Awesomeness” will be AWESOME for you, he can guarantee that your odds are much better that you’ll find great, not just good, food at the establishments he recommends. What you will get is an honest, Manly and often entertaining account of his experiences and recommendations of all things food in Tulsa, the rest of Oklahoma, and anywhere else TFG and/or his trusted companions travel in search of the most AWESOME food and the greatest dining experiences in the universe! When you’re looking for something that won’t just satisfy your natural desire to fill your belly, but will leave you walking away with chest pains… just ask TFG. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on TulsaFoodGuy.com, you can find his attention span deprived, intellectually challenged brother, @TulsaFoodGuy, hanging out on Twitter to fulfill all your Manly Food needs. Though sometimes picky, often crude, and almost always offensive, TFG looks for the best experience he can get anywhere he goes. And if you don’t agree with what he says, you won’t hurt his feelings… but you will be wrong!