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Marty Coleman is the blogger/owner of The Napkin Dad Daily. He became the Napkin Dad when he was unemployed and making his daughters’ lunches for them to take to Middle and High School. Being an artist he would draw a drawing with a quote on the napkins he put in their lunches. His hope was that he could impart a bit of wisdom, humor and insight to his daughters in a way that wouldn’t require them sitting down and having to suffer through a lecture from dad.
That small, insignificant daily effort for his daughters lasted over 4 years and ended up getting him national and local attention, exhibitions, speaking engagements, and is a major component of his work as the owner of MAKE Studio – a creative studio of art, photography and design in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In response to requests he has created Napkin Dad merchandise including books, t-shirts, cups and greeting cards. He continues, over 12 years after the beginning of the story, to draw a napkin every day that goes out to an international audience on his blog and other social networks.